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With over 100 ZOLspots nationwide, now anyone with a laptop, smartphone or tablet can connect to broadband internet on the go... We are driven to providing our customers with the ultimate experience in fast and reliable internet, also offering efficient means of connecting to the global village.


Topup Amount Valid Period Price
1GB 30 Days $5
5GB 30 Days $15
15GB 60 Days $29
30GB 90 Days $39

How to sign up

Option 1
  • Go to a ZOLspot and connect
  • Open your browser and follow the instructions
Option 2

Click the button below to sign up.

About ZOLspot

ZOLspot is ZOL’s Wi-Fi hotspot network where you can connect and access the internet at broadband speeds using any Wi-Fi capable devices such as laptops and smartphones. Our ZOLspots are available in airports, hotels, restaurants and other locations around Zimbabwe.

ZOLspot Locations

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