ZOL Phone Service is the next generation of voice calling, designed for small to medium businesses

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How it works:

  • Get broadband from ZOL
  • Register for a ZOL Phone Service account and get your phone number
  • Easy set up for multiple devices:
    • Phones - You can buy IP phones or if you have ZOL Fibroniks connection, you can use your standard phones. Connect the phones to your broadband gateway and start to make and receive calls straight away.
    • Desktop computers/laptops/tablets - Download the ZOLphone Lite software that is compatible with your computer operating system and install. Enter your phone number and password and start to make and receive calls (your computers will need to be connected to the Internet).
  • Virtual office: A secure PBX for VoIP-based telephony service, hosted on ZOL platforms. Call our sales team to get your account created and our technical team will help to deploy your secure virtual office solution for you.

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Key benefits:

  • Low cost calls with per second billing
  • Best low cost conference call service
  • Low cost virtual office solution for intercompany calls
  • Fast setup and deployment
  • Use ZOL Phone Service with any broadband provider
  • Easy to use with web portal for self-care
  • No congestion calling