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The ZOL Zimbabwe Data Centre provides an affordable contemporary hosting facility for businesses’ data and application requirements.

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A feature rich service, built for accessibility & security

It offers guaranteed availability of power and cooling for stable day to day running of business communication equipment and application systems. The data center has been built from the ground up to provide space, power, cooling and physical security for the server, storage and networking equipment for companies. The ZOL data center is ideally located at 3rd floor Green bridge Centre, Eastgate, Harare, Zimbabwe in the hub of Zimbabwe’s commercial capital. Additionally, ZOL has the following back up redundancy disaster recovery site (DR site) at Pockets Hill, Highlands and Willowvale.

Below are some of the reasons your company should use the ZOL Data Centre:


  • All major Service providers have links into our data centre.
  • APC backup battery is available.
  • Main Grid Power Supply (ZESA) Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority.
  • 2 Generators (300Kva and a 200Kva) and 2 APC UPS units (Battery packs fully populated).
  • Each rack has a dualized power feeds from both the UPS units.


  • Carrier units air-conditioning cooling system with standby backup units in place when there is a failure.
  • Fire suppression system in place.
  • Disaster recovery site (DR site) has real time data backup.
  • Performance monitoring uses Zabbix.



  • Data centre is accessible in the general office hours of ZOL Zimbabwe which are weekdays 8am to 5pm excluding Public Holidays.
  • However, should the client require access after-hours or on weekends you can contact your Account Manager to make necessary arrangements. In emergency cases, we always have an agent in the office so the server room access can be arranged.



  • Physical security to the server is provided 24/7 guards at the office.
  • CCTV.
  • Biometric access all doors on biometric.
  • All racks are locked.

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