Enjoy affordable Wireless to the Home (WTTH) with speeds of up to 10Mbps with your family!
WiBroniks Pay As You Go
Signup from$88
  • Up to 10Mbps download.
  • Includes 20GB Top-up data.
  • Equipment can be paid off over 12 months.
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  • Includes first equipment instalment ($21 x 12 months).
  • Equipment can optionally be purchased outright.
  • Excludes $10 activation fee.
  • Access to over 300 ZOLspots using Fibroniks on the Go for up to 5 devices.

Top-up whenever, wherever! Choose one of the options below.


Data Valid Price
3GB 30 Days $15
5GB 30 Days $29
15GB 30 Days $49
20GB 30 Days $57  
30GB 30 Days $89
WiBroniks Unlimited
Signup from$295 
  • Up to 15Mbps download.
  • Unlimited internet.
  • Available on a 12 month contract.
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  • Access to over 300 ZOLSpots using Fibroniks on the Go for up to 5 devices.
  • Stream high definition (HD) video content.
  • Best for multiple devices used at the same time Free website hosting.

Included with your WiBroniks package

  • Quick and easy setup.
  • WiBroniks on the Go.
  • Pay As You Go and Unlimited packages available.

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  • Affordable convenience.
  • Fast and reliable speeds.
  • Available in many areas around the country.

WiBroniks Equipment

 Unit Type One-off payment price Installment price
Indoor $199 $21 for 12 months
Outdoor $249 $25 for 12 months
Portable MiFI $99 N/A
Loan Financing Option Available