Fibroniks on the Go

Fibroniks on the go is exclusive to ZOL and it allows you to use your Fibroniks bandwidth at any ZOLspot. That means you've got access to your home or office Fibroniks bandwidth at any ZOLspot around the country.

Isn't that amazing!
There are 2 ways to add a Fibroniks on the go device and get connected:
1) On the myZOL mobile app:
  • Download the myZOL app for Android here, or for iPhone here.
  • Tap on My Account and login. If you don't have a myZOL account, you can create an account
  • Once logged in, tap on My Account, then Fibroniks on the go to add a device
2) On the myZOL web portal:
  • Login at If you don't have a myZOL account, click on Register
  • Once logged in, click on Fibroniks on the go
  • Click on Add new device and follow the on screen instructions
You can now connect your Fibroniks on the go devices at any ZOLspot location by logging in to the the WiFi network ZOLspot or ZOLsecure

  • Remember, if you're on a capped package, connecting at a ZOLspot will contribute towards your allocated data allowance.
  • If you don't have a Fibroniks package, you can still get connected at any ZOLspot for free (30 minutes / 50MB ) as well as buy a bundle. More information is availible here.
  • We recommend using ZOLsecure for a simpler and safer ZOLspot experience.