Corporate Social Responsibility

ZOL Zimbabwe wants to give back to our society. We support many different causes in an effort to make Zimbabwe a better place for everyone.

Dzikwa trust

The word “dzikwa” means being on firm ground/having a strong foundation. Their work is direct grassroots assistance for the benefit of the most vulnerable children in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe International Trade Fair

ZOL Zimbabwe provided free internet at this year’s edition of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF).

Musi Trust Zim

Musi Trust Zimbabwe is a registered charity organization recognized as a leader in the mobilization of resources to support marginalized communities.

St Joseph’s home for boys

St Joseph House for Boys has been a home to orphaned, abandoned, abused, neglected, marginalized and disadvantaged boys since 1929.

Island Hospice

Island Hospice and Bereavement Service is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to serving the community by providing direct home-based palliative care to those with a life threatening illness.

Aware trust

AWARE is the only veterinary conservation trust in Zimbabwe run by veterinarians, focusing on the welfare of wildlife and conservation of wildlife habitats.

Harare international festival of the arts (HIFA)

HIFA is a 6-day annual festival and workshop programme that showcases the very best of local, regional and international arts and culture featuring theatre, dance, music, circus, street performance, fashion, spoken word and visual arts.

Start-up challenge

Since 2010, the ZOL Start-Up Challenge has been giving innovative and creative potential entrepreneurs the chance to explore and execute their visions with the help of a select panel of Start-Up experts as well as essential financial support.

Boost fellowship – enactus

ZOL Zimbabwe provided internet services for this year’s Enactus Event in Zimbabwe. Enactus is housed under the BOOST Fellowship and has been an operational program for them since 2004.

Enhancing education

We believe in every human being's universal right to access the Internet as it is the easiest way to be part of the global village.