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Basic communications server

A dedicated, secure and reliable e-mail and internet server, sufficient for all your secure communication needs

  • Firewall Internet proxy - Samba Webmin
  • Latest Sendmail and Squid packages
  • The default packet-filtering firewall (IP tables) is configured to stop any unauthorized remote access to your internal network

Enhanced office server

For companies than need more from their communication server
Includes all the functionality of the Basic Communications Server plus many additional modules.
  • E-mail antivirus system
  • Internet and E-mail traffic logging
  • Internet content filtering
  • E-mail content filtering
  • Web-based administration module 
  • Auto Responder
  • 1 year Anti-Virus Maintenance
  • Configured with the packages, Sendmail, Squid, IP tables as standard. 

Customised server options

  • Web Based E-Mail (Squirrel Mail) - For Customers With Permanent / Broadband
  • Mailscanner Anti-Virus - A Linux Based Antivirus Package
  • Samba - Authentication, security and file sharing.
  • Internet Content Filtering - stop users from accessing inappropriate websites.
  • E-Mail Content Filtering - block unwanted email attachments.
  • Internet And E-Mail Traffic Logging - a weekly or monthly report on email and Internet usage
  • Web-Based Administration Module - remotely administer the server using a standard web browser,
  • Remote Dial-In Access (Mgetty) - dial directly into the Linux Server and check your mail
  • Mailman - Allows the creation and maintenance of an unlimited mailing list. List can be moderated or un-moderated, and users can subscribe and unsubscribe via email.

Server Visualisation

Virtualization is a powerful technology that allows you to reduce and consolidate your physical hardware requirements, improve your network, create agility and scalability for IT, and serve as a foundation for a true software-defined data center. 

Select the Hypervisor of your choice:

XEN Servers:


is an Open Source Virtualization virtualization platform that delivers all of the critical features needed for any server and datacenter virtualization implementation.  


Mware desktop solutions, including Horizon, Fusion, and Mirage, are scalable, consistent, fully secure and highly available to ensure maximum uptime and productivity.


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