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Secure and access all your company’s data anytime, anywhere and from any device with effortless unlimited backup and retrieval offered by CrashPlan. CrashPlan offers: Uncompromising security, Proven scalability and control, Security, control and visibility of the entire workforce through data policies and governance, All your corporate data protected, even in remote offices and sites, reducing the cost of device migration and enabling mobility, without putting data at risk

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Package Storage Per Month
CrashPlan (4 computers) 100GB $11.99
CrashPlan (6 computers) 250GB $29.90
CrashPlan (9 computers) 500GB $59.80
CrashPlan (15 computers) 1000GB $98.90

  • Each package will have one account shared amoung a number of computers ( can be individual users)
  • SMEs may opt for enterprise packages when individual user security is critical
  • Choose a package that suits your budget and upgrade your storage requirements as your business evolves
Package Storage Per Year
CrashPlan (licence + cloud storage) Unlimited $149.5
CrashPlan (licence only + own storage) Own storage $74.75

Pricing for Managed Private Cloud (MPC) Local Data Centre Equipment

(This is for the CrashPlan (licence only + own storage) package setup)

Cloud Size Average Storage per user Approx. No of Users
Starter Pack 12TB 80GB 150
Small 16TB 80GB 200
Medium 32TB 80GB 400
Large 56TB 75GB 750
  • The appliances will be installed in your datacenter and managed by Liquid 24x7
  • Client keeps the keys
  • 3 year warranty
  • Installation fee-5% of MSRP
  • First year maintenance is FREE
  • Annual Maintenance - 10% of MRSP, Starter Pack ($499), Small ($1,418), Medium ($1,679), Large ($2,560)
  • For further information contact our sales team on +263 8677 111 111

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