Why should I sign up with ZOL?

We have the fastest and most reliable services, backed up by 24 hours / 365 days support.

How do I keep track of my bandwidth usage on all packages?

All broadband packages are unlimited and so there are no caps. Use all you like!

Does ZOL offer mobile Internet services?

ZOL does not offer mobile internet solutions, but our 100+ ZOLSpots across the country provide you with connectivity on the go, at convenient and friendly locations.

My account has been suspended - why?

If you have a negative balance on your account, your account will be suspended and you will have to make the payment owed before your account can be reactivated. Once ZOL has received proof of payment (this applies to payments made via direct debit, RTGS or EcoCash), we will reactivate your account straight away. Please contact our call centre if you have been deactivated.